.02 Congregate Housing Services Certificate.

A. Certificate Required. An individual or other legal entity shall obtain a certificate from the Department before representing that it is a part of the Program or a Department-approved congregate housing services provider. The requirements of this chapter shall be met in order for a provider to obtain a certificate.

B. Application. In order to obtain a certificate, an individual or legal entity that wants to be certified as a provider shall apply to the Department for a certificate on a form provided by the Department.

C. Separate Certificate Required. A separate certificate is required for each facility.

D. Term of Certificate. A certificate is valid for the period specified on the certificate.

E. Owner of Certificate. If a certificate is issued, it shall be:

(1) For a specific facility; and

(2) In the name of the individual or legal entity that made the application.

F. Posting of Certificate. A provider shall post its certificate conspicuously in a public area of the facility at all times.

G. Certificate Contents.

(1) A certificate shall state:

(a) The name and address of the provider;

(b) The name and address of the facility; and

(c) The expiration date of the certificate.

(2) For each facility, a certificate shall identify whether the provider is certified as a Standard Congregate Housing Services Plan or an Individualized Congregate Housing Services Plan. A provider may not be certified as both for a single facility.