.09 Application for an Initial Certificate of Registration.

A. A provider shall file an application for an initial certificate of registration on a form provided by the Department.

B. The application shall include verification that:

(1) All licenses and certificates required as of the date of the application from MDH, MHCC, and the Department for the new units have been issued;

(2) Agreements have been executed for at least 65 percent of the independent living units and at least 10 percent of the total entrance fees for each contracted unit has been collected;

(3) The provider has received a written commitment for permanent long-term financing; and

(4) Closing on construction financing has taken place.

C. A provider may, when the requirements in §B(1)—(3) of this regulation have been met, request the Department to verify to its construction lender that these requirements have been met to the Department's satisfaction, and that an initial certificate of registration for the new units will be issued when closing on the construction loan has taken place.