.03 Preliminary Certificate of Registration.

A. Process to Obtain a Preliminary Certificate of Registration. A person shall file a:

(1) Statement of intent under Regulation .04 of this chapter;

(2) A feasibility study under Regulation .05 of this chapter; and

(3) An application under Regulation .06 of this chapter.

B. Forms and Fees for Feasibility Study and Application.

(1) A feasibility study and an application for a preliminary certificate of registration shall be submitted with forms provided by the Department.

(2) When new units are to be created and the project is neither an expansion nor a renovation, the following fees shall accompany the feasibility study:

(a) $14,000 for 1—99 new units;

(b) $20,000 for 100—199 new units;

(c) $30,000 for 200—499 new units;

(d) $40,000 for 500—999 new units; and

(e) $50,000 for 1,000 or more new units.

(3) The Department may charge an additional fee, not to exceed the original fee, if resubmission of a feasibility study to the Department is required due to:

(a) Significant changes in the assumptions upon which the feasibility study was based;

(b) Correction of significant errors in the feasibility study; or

(c) A significant omission in the original feasibility study submission.