.08 Claims Registers.

A. Each insurer shall maintain claims registers separately for:

(1) Private passenger automobile insurance;

(2) All other liability insurance;

(3) Homeowner's insurance;

(4) All other property insurance; and

(5) Title insurance.

B. Claims registers may be maintained manually or on computer-generated tapes from which hard copy can be supplied.

C. Claims registers shall list chronologically, by date of report, each claim received, if a Maryland-domiciled insurer, and each claim received from a Maryland resident, if a foreign insurer doing business in Maryland, showing the:

(1) Date of loss;

(2) Policy or contract number;

(3) Name of the insured; and

(4) General nature of the claim.

D. Claims registers shall be available for inspection by the Insurance Commissioner or by persons designated by the Commissioner for a period of at least 3 years following the date of the filing of the claim.

E. Insurers shall have 6 months from the effective date of this chapter to establish the claims registers required by this regulation.