.04 Standards for Prompt Investigation of Claims.

A. Insurers shall, for at least 3 years, make available for inspection by the Maryland Insurance Administration records of denials of claims and supporting documentation.

B. If an insurer has not completed its investigation of a first party claim within 45 days of notification, the insurer shall promptly notify the first-party claimant, in writing, of the actual reason that additional time is necessary to complete the investigation. Notice shall be sent to the first-party claimant after each additional 45-day period until the insurer either affirms or denies coverage and damages.

C. In any case in which a first-party claimant is neither an attorney nor represented by an attorney, the insurer shall, upon receipt of a written claim, inform that claimant in writing that there may be an applicable statute of limitations which may bar that claimant's rights in the future.

D. An insurer that denies a claim on the grounds of a specific policy provision, condition, or exclusion shall advise the claimant as to the provision, condition, or exclusion on which the denial is based.

E. When there is a reasonable basis, supported by specific information available for review by the Commissioner, that the first-party claimant has fraudulently caused or contributed to the loss, the insurer is relieved of the requirement contained in B and C of this regulation that the insurer state the reason that more time is required.

F. If a claim is denied for reasons other than those described in §D or E of this regulation, an appropriate notation shall be made in the claim file of the insurer.