.07 Failure to Comply.

A. Failure of an insurer to provide or deliver a contract summary as provided in Regulation .05 of this chapter shall constitute an omission which misrepresents the benefits, advantages, conditions, or terms of an annuity contract or of an insurance policy.

B. An agent shall be held accountable for any contract summary or other materials which he used in connection with the solicitation. If any of these materials is prepared by a consulting computer firm, the agent shall personally review and sign it before presenting it to his prospect.

C. An insurer is charged with the duty of supervising every agent for whom it has applied for a license and shall be held accountable for the actions of its agents unless it proves to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that it exercised appropriate supervision and the agent acted contrary to its instructions.

D. Any insurer, agent, representative, officer, or employee of an insurer who fails to comply with the requirements of this chapter shall be subject to such disciplinary action and penalties as may be appropriate under Insurance Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. This action may include the suspension or revocation of the license of the insurer or of the agent or both. The Commissioner may also impose monetary fines of $100 to $50,000 on an insurer and of $25 to $500 on an agent for each offense. In addition, the Commissioner may order the insurer or the agent, or both, to make restitution to any person who has suffered financial injury or damage as a result of any violation of this chapter by the insurer or agent.