.06 General Regulations.

A. Each insurer shall maintain at its home office or principal office, a complete file containing one copy of each document authorized by the insurer for use pursuant to this chapter. This file shall contain one copy of each authorized form for a period of at least 3 years following the date of its last authorized use.

B. An agent shall inform the prospective purchaser, before commencing a sales presentation, that the agent is acting as a life insurance agent and shall inform the prospective purchaser of the full name of the insurance company which the agent is representing to the buyer. In sales situations in which an agent is not involved, the insurer shall identify its full name.

C. Terms such as "financial planner", "investment advisor", "financial consultant", "financial analyst", "financial counsellor", and the like, may not be used by the agent in the name of his agency, in letterheads, logos, or in advertising or solicitation material, or in sales presentations soliciting insurance to mislead or in any way that implies that his compensation is unrelated to insurance sales, unless this is actually the case.

D. A reference to dividends or to excess interest credits shall include a statement that these dividends or credits are not guaranteed.

E. A presentation of benefits may not display guaranteed and non-guaranteed benefits as a single sum unless guaranteed benefits are shown separately in proximity and with equal prominence.

F. Sales promotion literature and contract forms may not state or imply that annuity contracts or deposit funds are the same as savings accounts or deposits in banking or savings institutions. The use of passbooks which resemble savings bank passbooks is prohibited.