.08 Failure to Comply.

A. Failure of a carrier to provide or deliver a buyer's guide or a policy summary as provided in Regulation .04 of this chapter shall constitute an omission that misrepresents the benefits, advantages, conditions, or terms of an insurance policy.

B. An insurance producer shall be held accountable for any policy summary, comparison statement, or other materials which the insurance producer uses in connection with the solicitation of insurance.

C. If any material in §B of this regulation is prepared by a consulting firm, the insurance producer shall personally review and sign the material before presenting it to the insurance producer's prospect.

D. A carrier is charged with the duty of supervising every insurance producer for whom the carrier has applied for a license and shall be held accountable for the actions of the carrier's insurance producers unless the carrier proves to the satisfaction of the Commissioner that the carrier exercised appropriate supervision and the insurance producer acted contrary to the carrier's instructions.

E. If the Commissioner determines that a carrier, insurance producer, representative, officer, or employee of a carrier failed to comply with the requirements of this chapter, the Commissioner shall impose penalties as authorized under the Insurance Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, including:

(1) Suspending or revoking the license of the carrier, insurance producer, or both;

(2) Assessing a penalty of not less than $100, but not more than $125,000, on a carrier and not less than $100, but not more than $500, on an insurance producer for each offense; and

(3) Requiring the carrier or insurance producer to make restitution to an individual who has suffered financial injury or damage as a result of a violation of this chapter by the carrier or insurance producer.