.03 Components of a Wellness Benefit.

A. Each wellness benefit shall include:

(1) A health risk assessment that is:

(a) Available at no cost to all employees covered under the small employer's wellness benefit; and

(b) Completed by each employee on a voluntary basis;

(2) Written feedback to each employee who completes the health risk assessment, with recommendations for lowering risks identified in the completed health risk assessment; and

(3) A financial incentive to promote:

(a) Preventive care;

(b) Healthy behavior and lifestyle choices; or

(c) Participation in a disease management program or case management program.

B. The financial incentive described in §A(3) of this regulation may be in the form of:

(1) A direct reward of financial value given to the employee, such as a monetary reward or a gift card; or

(2) A reduction in the employee's copayments, coinsurance, or deductible that would otherwise be payable under the small employer's health benefit plan.

C. A carrier shall be considered to have satisfied the requirement of §A(3) of this regulation, if the wellness benefit offered by the carrier eliminates the deductible for preventive services only.