.08 Application for Converted Policy.

A. The conversion provision in the group policy may require that the insured person, or a person acting on behalf of the insured person, make written application for the converted policy and may not require that the first premium due to the carrier be paid sooner than 31 days following the termination of the insured person's coverage under the group policy, or sooner than any extended time provided in these regulations.

B. The application for the converted policy may not contain questions relating to the health, occupation, avocation, or lifestyle of the insured person, or other questions relating to insurability, except information required to determine eligibility for the converted policy.

C. The carrier may refuse to issue a converted policy or may issue a converted policy for a reduced amount if the application shows the insured person is covered under a group policy providing benefits substantially similar to the maximum benefits which the insured person could elect under the converted policy, or if the insured person has other health benefits available at least equal to the level of benefits which would permit the carrier to refuse to renew a converted policy in accordance with the standards of Regulation .06G and H of this chapter.