.03 Determination of Approved Accrediting Organization.

A. An accrediting organization is not an approved accrediting organization for the purposes of Insurance Article, §15-601, Annotated Code of Maryland, until the Commissioner issues a letter of approval to the accrediting organization.

B. For the purpose of determining which entities are approved accrediting organizations, the Commissioner shall consider whether:

(1) The accreditation standards required to be met for accreditation by the accrediting organization meet or exceed the requirements of Insurance Article, §§15-1614 and 15-1617, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(2) The accrediting organization measures an applicant's pharmacy and therapeutics committee's ability to meet each standard; and

(3) The accrediting organization agrees to notify the Commissioner at least 30 days in advance if it revises its accreditation standards that pertain to a pharmacy and therapeutics committee or changes the method in which it reviews a pharmacy and therapeutics committee of an applicant.

C. An accrediting organization continues to be approved by the Commissioner until notified in writing by the Commissioner that its approval has been withdrawn.