.12 Annual Report.

A. Required. Each licensed provider-sponsored organization shall file with the Commissioner a report, certified by at least two principal officers, showing its financial condition on the last day of the preceding calendar year.

B. Form. The report shall be on the form adopted by the Commissioner.

C. Filing Deadline. Unless the time is extended for good cause, a provider-sponsored organization shall file its annual report with the Commissioner on or before the first day of March of each year.

D. Supplemental Information. The report shall be supplemented with a description of any changes in the information submitted with the last previous annual report or with the provider-sponsored organization's original application for a certificate of authority.

E. Audited Financial Statement. A provider-sponsored organization shall file a certified audited financial statement on or before June 1 of each year.

F. Additional Reports. The Commissioner may require additional reports as are deemed necessary and appropriate to enable the Commissioner to carry out the duties of the Commissioner under the law.