.04 Health Advocacy Unit Information in Notice of Adverse Decision.

A carrier shall include in each notice of adverse decision the following disclosure in at least 12-point typeface, with the first sentence in bold capital typeface:

"THERE IS HELP AVAILABLE TO YOU IF YOU WISH TO DISPUTE THE DECISION OF THE PLAN ABOUT PAYMENT FOR HEALTH CARE SERVICES. You may contact the Health Advocacy Unit of Maryland's Consumer Protection Division at (phone number, address, fax, e-mail).

The Health Advocacy Unit can help you, your representative, and your health care provider prepare a grievance to file under the carrier's internal grievance procedure. That unit can also attempt to mediate a resolution to your dispute. The Health Advocacy Unit is not available to represent or accompany you during any proceeding of the internal grievance process.

Additionally, you, your representative, or your health care provider may file a complaint with the Maryland Insurance Administration, without having to first file a grievance with the plan, if:

(1) The plan has denied authorization for a health care service not yet provided to you; and

(2) You, your representative, or your provider can show a compelling reason to file a complaint, including that a delay in receiving the health care service could result in loss of life, serious impairment to a bodily function, or serious dysfunction of a bodily organ or part, or the member remaining seriously mentally ill with symptoms that cause the member to be in danger to self or others. INFORMATION DESCRIBED IN THIS NOTICE MAY ALSO BE FOUND IN (cite policy, plan, certificate, enrollment materials, or other evidence of coverage)."