.03 Flesch Reading Ease Test Scores.

A. The Flesch Reading Ease Test scores shall be calculated according to the requirements of B-----F of this regulation.

B. For policy forms containing 10,000 words or less of text, the entire form shall be analyzed. For policy forms containing more than 10,000 words, the readability of two 200-word samples per page may be analyzed instead of the entire form. The samples shall be separated by at least 20 printed lines.

C. The number of words and sentences in the text shall be counted and the total number of words divided by the total number of sentences. The figure obtained shall be multiplied by a factor of 1.015.

D. The total number of syllables shall be counted and divided by the total number of words. The figure obtained shall be multiplied by a factor of 84.6.

E. The sum of the figures computed in C and D of this regulation, subtracted from 206.835, equals the Flesch Reading Ease Test Score for the policy form.

F. For purposes of C-----E of this regulation, the following procedures shall be used:

(1) A contraction, hyphenated word, or number or letter separated by spaces is counted as one word;

(2) A unit of words ending with a period, semicolon, or colon, but excluding headings and captions, is counted as one sentence; and

(3) A syllable means a unit of spoken language consisting of one or more letters of a word as divided by a commonly accepted dictionary, although when the dictionary shows two or more equally acceptable pronunciations of a word, the pronunciation containing fewer syllables may be used.

G. The Flesch Reading Ease Test shall be applied to all printed matter in the policy, except for:

(1) The name and address of the insurer, policy number, name or title of policy, table of contents or index, specification pages, schedules, tables, captions, and subcaptions; and

(2) Medical terminology, language which is drafted to conform to the requirements of any applicable law or regulation, language required by a collective bargaining labor-management agreement, or terms defined in the policy.

H. At the option of the insurer, riders, endorsements, and other forms which are attached to and made a part of the policy may be scored separately or as part of the policy with which they are to be used.