.02 Minimum Standards.

A. In addition to any other requirements or law, a policy form to which this chapter is applicable may not be issued or delivered in this State unless:

(1) The text achieves a minimum score of 40 on the Flesch Reading Ease Test;

(2) The policy contains a table of contents or an index of the principal sections of the policy if it has more than 3,000 words or more than three pages regardless of the number of words;

(3) The style, arrangement, and overall appearance of the policy do not give undue prominence to any portion of the text or to any endorsements or riders; and

(4) Except for specification pages, schedules, tables, and tables of contents, if any, the policy is plainly printed in a style in general use and the size is uniform and not less than 10-point type, 1-point leaded, with a lower case alphabet length not less than 120 point.

B. If any provision of Insurance Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, requires that any particular section of a policy or any particular type of policy be printed in larger type style or with greater prominence, then the provisions of the Insurance Article prevail over the requirements of these regulations.