.09 Reports to Policyholders.

An insurer delivering or issuing for delivery in this State a variable life insurance policy shall mail to each variable life insurance policyholder at his or her last known address the following reports:

A. Within 30 days after each anniversary of the policy, a statement or statements of the cash surrender value, death benefit, any partial withdrawal or policy loan, any interest charge, and any optional payments allowed pursuant to Regulation .04E of this chapter under the policy computed as of the policy anniversary date. This statement may be furnished within 30 days after a specified date in each policy year as long as the information contained in it is computed as of a date not more than 45 days before the mailing of the notice. This statement shall state in contrasting color or distinctive type that, in accordance with the investment experience of the separate account, the cash values and the variable death benefit may increase or decrease, and shall prominently identify any value described which may be recomputed before the next statement required by this section. If the policy guarantees that the variable death benefit on the next policy anniversary date will not be less than the variable death benefit specified in the statement, the statement shall be modified to indicate this. For flexible premium policies, the report required by this paragraph shall:

(1) Contain a reconciliation of the change since the previous report in cash value and cash surrender value, if different, because of payments made (less deductions for expense charges), withdrawals, investment experience, insurance charges, and any other changes made against the cash value; and

(2) Show the projected cash value and cash surrender value, if different, as of 1 year from the end of the period covered by the report assuming that:

(a) Planned periodic premiums, if any, are paid as scheduled;

(b) Guaranteed costs of insurance are deducted; and

(c)The net return is equal to the guaranteed rate or, in the absence of a guaranteed rate, is not greater than zero. If the projected value is less than zero, a warning message shall be included that states that the policy may be in danger of terminating without value in the next 12 months unless additional premium is paid.

B. Annually, a statement or statements including:

(1) A summary of the financial statement of the separate account based on the annual statement last filed with the Commissioner;

(2) The net investment return of the separate account for the last year and, for each year after the first, a comparison of the investment rate of the separate account during the last year with the investment rate during prior years, up to a total of 5 years when available;

(3) A list of investments held by the separate account as of a date not earlier than the end of the last year for which an annual statement was filed with the Commissioner;

(4) Charges, taxes, and brokerage fees determined on an accrual basis payable by the separate account during the previous year, each expressed as a dollar amount and a percentage and the total expressed as a dollar amount and as a percentage of the assets of the separate account;

(5) A statement of any change, since the last report, in the investment objective and orientation of the separate account, in any investment restriction or material quantitative or qualitative investment requirement applicable to the separate account, or in the investment adviser of the separate account;

(6) The name of each broker or dealer handling portfolio transactions on behalf of the separate account in which the insurer or an affiliate has a controlling interest and the nature of these transactions and the amount of compensation received by the broker or dealer from business originating with the separate account;

(7) The names and principal occupations of each principal executive officer and each director of the insurer; and

(8) The names of all parents of the insurer and the basis of control of the insurer, and the name of any person who is known to own, of record or beneficially, 10 percent or more of the outstanding voting securities of the company.

C. For flexible premium policies, if the amounts available under the policy on any processing day to pay the charges authorized by the policy are less than the amount necessary to keep the policy in force, until the next processing day, a report indicating the minimum payment required under the terms of the policy to keep it in force and the length of the grace period for payment of the amount.