.01 Information To Be Filed.

All companies shall have the following information filed with each mortgage, and kept ready for convenient inspection by examiners from this Administration:

A. The mortgage note and deed, and all assignments of them, properly recorded;

B. A detailed appraisal of the property securing the mortgage, made by a disinterested, unaffiliated appraiser, with the appraiser's qualifications attached; an appraisal made by any competent licensed real estate operator with a short statement of the licensed real estate operator's experience is sufficient; and

C. One of the following:

(1) A title insurance policy,

(2) An abstract of title to the property made by a qualified attorney and certified by him,

(3) A certificate of title from the attorney making the title examination;

D. Fire insurance policies upon all improvements, with standard mortgagee clause attached; and

E. A record of the amount at which the property is appraised for taxation at the date of the loan and the date to which all State, county, and municipal taxes on the property have been paid.