.26 Qualified Jurisdictions.

A. Eligibility.

(1) The Commissioner shall maintain and publish a list of qualified jurisdictions under which an assuming insurer, licensed and domiciled in that jurisdiction, is eligible to be considered for certification by the Commissioner as a certified reinsurer.

(2) In order to determine whether the domiciliary jurisdiction of a non-U.S. assuming insurer is eligible to be recognized as a qualified jurisdiction, the Commissioner shall:

(a) Evaluate the reinsurance supervisory system of the non-U.S. jurisdiction, both initially and on an ongoing basis;

(b) Consider the rights, benefits and extent of reciprocal recognition afforded by a non-U.S. jurisdiction to reinsurers licensed and domiciled in the U.S.; and

(c) Consider any additional factors that the Commissioner deems appropriate, which may include:

(i) The framework under which the assuming insurer is regulated;

(ii) The structure and authority of the domiciliary regulator with regard to solvency regulation requirements and financial surveillance;

(iii) The substance of financial and operating standards for assuming insurers in the domiciliary jurisdiction;

(iv) The form and substance of financial reports required to be filed or made publicly available by reinsurers in the domiciliary jurisdiction and the accounting principles used for purposes of those reports;

(v) The domiciliary regulatorís cooperation with U.S. regulators, including the Commissioner;

(vi) The history of performance by assuming insurers in the domiciliary jurisdiction;

(vii) Any relevant international standards or guidance with respect to mutual recognition of reinsurance supervision adopted by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors or successor organization; and

(viii) Any other matters deemed relevant by the Commissioner.

(3) The Commissioner may not recognize a jurisdiction as a qualified jurisdiction unless the Commissioner has determined that the jurisdiction adequately and promptly enforces final U.S. judgments or arbitration awards.

(4) A qualified jurisdiction shall agree in writing to share information and cooperate with the Commissioner with respect to all certified reinsurers domiciled within that jurisdiction.

B. Additional Considerations.

(1) The Commissioner shall consider the list of qualified jurisdictions published through the NAIC Committee Process in determining qualified jurisdictions in this State.

(2) In determining whether a jurisdiction is a qualified jurisdiction, the Commissioner shall consider the NAICís list:

(a) when the jurisdiction has been evaluated for inclusion on the list; and

(b) whenever the list is amended.

(3) If the Commissioner approves a jurisdiction as qualified that does not appear on the NAICís list of qualified jurisdictions, the Commissioner shall provide to the NAIC, upon written request, information relating to such determination pursuant to the requirements in Section A of this regulation.

(4) The Commissioner shall recognize as a qualified jurisdiction in this State any state that meets the requirements for accreditation under the NAICís financial standards and accreditation program.

(5) The Commissioner shall withdraw recognition of those jurisdictions that are no longer qualified.

(6) The Commissioner shall publish notice of jurisdictions that have qualified or are no longer qualified to be recognized as a qualified jurisdiction.