.13 Select Mortality Factors.

A. The tables of the Select Mortality Factors, which are incorporated by reference under Regulation .04 of this chapter, are the bases to which the respective percentage of Regulation .10C(2) and (3) of this chapter are applied.

B. The six tables of base select mortality factors, which are incorporated by reference, include:

(1) Male aggregate;

(2) Male nonsmoker;

(3) Male smoker;

(4) Female aggregate;

(5) Female nonsmoker; and

(6) Female smoker.

C. These tables apply to both age last birthday and age nearest birthday mortality tables. For sex-blended mortality tables, select mortality factors are computed in the same proportion as the underlying mortality. For example, for the 1980 CSO-B Table, the calculated base select mortality factors are 80 percent of the appropriate male table, plus 20 percent of the appropriate female table.