.08 Statement of Filing for Acquisition of Control of a Domestic Insurer.

A. A person seeking to acquire control of a domestic insurer pursuant to Insurance Article, §7–304, Annotated Code of Maryland, shall file with the Commissioner and provide a copy to the domestic insurer a Form A at least 60 days before a transaction is proposed to become effective, in accordance with the format, guidelines, and instructions approved by the Commissioner.

B. If any material change occurs in the facts set forth in the statement filed with the Commissioner and provided to the insurer in the Form A, an amendment, together with copies of any documents or other materials necessary to describe the amendment, shall be filed with the Commissioner prior to the Commissioner’s disposition on the application, and provided to the insurer within the earlier of 2 business days after:

(1) The change occurs; or

(2) The person that filed the statement learns of the change.