.03 Sample Board of Directors' or Trustees' Resolution or Bylaw.

(1) Be It Resolved That all Officers, Directors, Trustees and Employees of the Company in their transactions with others are expected to act in the best interests of the Company and not for their own advantage.

(2) Resolved Further, That this policy requires that—

(a) Officers, Directors, Trustees and Responsible Employees and members of their families must have no relationships nor engage in any activities that might impair their independence of judgment concerning Company business of such Officers, Directors, Trustees or Responsible Employees.

(b) They must have no personal financial interests that might impair their independence of judgment or influence their decisions or actions on Company business in the direction of such personal financial interests.

(c) They must not accept gifts, benefits, or unusual hospitality that might tend to influence them in the performance of their duties.

(d) If any possible conflict of interest exists, the individual concerned must disclose the facts by completing the attached questionnaire and returning it to the secretary of the Company or an officer of the Company superior to the Secretary.

(3) Resolved Further, That the officer of the Company to whom the questionnaires are returned must refer any conflict, disclosed to him, to the Board for review and appropriate action on or before ___________ 20__, and that a similar questionnaire shall be completed and returned in each succeeding year.