.08 License Renewal.

A. To qualify to renew a license, a licensee:

(1) Shall submit to the Commissioner a renewal application approved by the Commissioner;

(2) Shall pay a license renewal fee if permitted by law;

(3) Shall submit to the Commissioner any additional information the Commissioner deems necessary;

(4) Shall complete the continuing education requirements as set forth in §A(7) of this regulation;

(5) Shall be of good character and trustworthy;

(6) May not have committed any act the Commissioner finds would warrant suspension or revocation of a license under Insurance Article, §31-112(e), Annotated Code of Maryland;

(7) Shall complete 16 credit hours of continuing education during the prior license period as approved by the Administration in consultation with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. The credit hours shall include the following:

(a) A minimum of 9 credit hours in health insurance; and

(b) A minimum of 3 credit hours in ethics;

(8) Shall have paid all undisputed taxes and unemployment insurance contributions payable to the Comptroller of Maryland and the Secretary of Labor or have provided for payment in a manner satisfactory to the unit responsible for collection; and

(9) Shall have paid any amount in arrears on an applicantís child support obligation, if any, or have provided for payment in a manner satisfactory to the unit responsible for collection.

B. A renewal application is considered timely filed if:

(1) The application contains all of the required information;

(2) The renewal license fee, if permitted by law, has been received by the Administration; and

(3) The application is:

(a) Mailed and postmarked on or before the expiration date of the license; or

(b) Submitted electronically and received by an information processing system that the Administration has designated for the purpose of receiving electronic applications prior to the expiration date of the license.

C. If, at least 2 calendar weeks before a license expires, the licensee makes sufficient application for renewal of the license, the license shall not expire until:

(1) The Administration takes final action on the renewal application; and

(2) The time for seeking judicial review of the action expires or any judicial stay of the Administrationís final action expires.