.05 Examination.

A. To qualify to take the examination, an applicant must submit evidence of successful completion of the training program.

B. The examination shall be:

(1) Divided into a State-specific section and a general section;

(2) Based on a content outline that is approved by the Commissioner in consultation with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange;

(3) Reviewed by the Commissioner on a periodic basis, in consultation with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, to ensure that it accurately measures an applicant’s competency in the required areas of knowledge;

(4) In writing, but may be administered electronically to an applicant;

(5) Conducted in specified locations throughout the State which have been approved by the Commissioner;

(6) Conducted in facilities that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as amended by 42 U.S.C. §12101, et seq.; and

(7) Administered quarterly, or more frequently if deemed appropriate by the Commissioner.

C. Each section of the examination shall be scored separately.

D. The Commissioner shall establish a minimum passing score, in consultation with the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, for each section of the examination.

E. An applicant who fails a single section of the examination may retake the failed section of the examination within 1 year of the initial examination date. If the applicant does not pass the failed section within that time, the applicant must retake both sections of the examination to be eligible to pass the examination. The examination may be taken no more than three times in a 6-week period.