.05 Rebuttable Presumption.

A. There is a rebuttable presumption that a designating or certifying organization is not disqualified solely for purposes of this chapter if:

(1) The organization has been accredited by:

(a) The American National Standards Institute; or

(b) The National Commission for Certifying Agencies; or

(2) The organization is on the United States Department of Education’s list entitled “Accrediting Agencies Recognized for Title IV Purposes” and the issued designation or credential does not primarily apply to sales, marketing, or sales and marketing.

B. The following factors shall be considered when determining whether a combination of words, or an acronym standing for a combination of words constitutes a certification or professional designation indicating or implying that a person has special certification or training in advising or servicing senior citizens or retirees:

(1) Use, in the name of the certification or professional designation, of one or more words such as “senior”, “retirement,” “elder”, or similar terms, combined with one or more words such as “certified”, “registered”, “chartered”, “adviser”, “specialist”, “consultant”, “planner”, or similar terms; and

(2) The manner in which the words described in §B(1) of this regulation are combined.