.04 Documentation of Appointment.

A. Within 30 days after appointing an insurance producer, an insurer shall provide the insurance producer with written documentation of the appointment that contains, at a minimum:

(1) The name of the insurer;

(2) The date that the documentation was provided to the insurance producer;

(3) The Maryland license number of the insurance producer;

(4) If the insurance producer is an individual, the first and last name of the individual and, if known, the middle name or middle initial of the individual;

(5) If the insurance producer is a business entity, the name of the business entity;

(6) The date that the insurance producer was appointed; and

(7) The following statement, prominently displayed on the written documentation: "This document shall be retained while your appointment is in effect and for at least 5 years after the termination of your appointment."

B. An insurer may provide the written documentation to an insurance producer electronically if the insurance producer agrees to receive the written documentation electronically.