.07 Training Program.

A. In General.

(1) Each motor vehicle rental company shall have a training program for its employees who sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance coverage under this chapter.

(2) Employees shall take the course, in person, before selling, soliciting, or negotiating insurance coverage.

B. The training program shall include instruction:

(1) About the kinds of insurance that motor vehicle rental companies may sell or offer under this chapter;

(2) That the trainee shall inform a renter that purchasing any insurance from the motor vehicle rental company is not required in order to rent a vehicle;

(3) That the trainee shall inform a renter that the purchase of insurance may be a duplication of coverage already provided by the renter's personal automobile insurance policy, homeowner's insurance policy, liability policy, or other source of coverage; and

(4) About all the other requirements of Insurance Article, §§10-605 and 10-606, Annotated Code of Maryland.

C. Approval of Training Program.

(1) The training program shall be approved by the Commissioner before it is implemented.

(2) A motor vehicle rental company that proposes to conduct a training program shall file with the Commissioner:

(a) A description or outline of the course or video tapes of the course;

(b) Copies of all written materials to be used in the course or with the video tapes; and

(c) A list of instructors and their qualifications.