.04 Application for Limited Lines License.

An applicant for a limited lines license shall:

A. Submit an application to the Commissioner on the form approved by the Commissioner;

B. Pay to the Commissioner the applicable fee required under Insurance Article, §2-212, Annotated Code of Maryland, for an insurance producer license;

C. Submit with the application a disclosure as set out in Regulation .06 of this chapter, including any brochures or other written material;

D. Submit with the application the filing required by Regulation .07C of this chapter that describes the training program that a motor vehicle rental company must have approved by the Commissioner;

E. If applicable, submit a written agreement signed by an officer of each insurer represented by the motor vehicle rental company that the premiums collected from a renter for the insurance do not need to be segregated from other funds collected by the motor vehicle rental company in connection with the vehicle rental; and

F. Submit any other information or documentation that the Commissioner requires, including any information or documentation to determine the professional competence, good character, and trustworthiness of the motor vehicle rental company.