.13 Advertising of Approved Courses.

A. Except as provided in §D of this regulation, a provider may not advertise or distribute promotional materials unless the course has been approved by the Commissioner.

B. Advertisements and promotional materials may not be deceptive or misleading and shall, at a minimum, clearly identify the number of hours of continuing education for which a course has been approved and the fee for taking the course.

C. A provider of an approved course who advertises or promotes a course that has not been approved or a course that is not eligible for approval shall prominently state that no hours of continuing education can be earned by taking the course.

D. A provider may request, in writing, permission to advertise a course before approval is obtained from the Commissioner by submitting:

(1) A letter specifically requesting permission to advertise the course before approval is obtained; and

(2) With the course approval package, all advertisements or promotional materials that will be used before approval and which shall prominently include the words "approval from the Insurance Administration pending".

E. The Commissioner shall issue the provider a written response either granting or denying the providerís request. The provider may not advertise the course until the Commissioner has granted the request.