.07 Approval of Courses.

A. A continuing education course shall be submitted to the Commissioner for approval. The Commissioner may approve a course only if the course imparts substantive and procedural knowledge relating to the insurance field.

B. The Commissioner may not approve a course covering any of the following subject areas:

(1) A course in office or business skills, including typing, speed reading, or the use of computers, calculators, or other machines or equipment;

(2) A course in office management, client relations, or other matters aimed at improving the operation of the person's business; or

(3) A course in salesmanship or product promotion, stress management, time management, psychology, motivation, or written or oral communications.

C. Except for a self-study course, a course submitted to the Commissioner for approval does not need to require a textbook or an examination in order to receive approval.

D. The Commissioner shall assign to each approved course:

(1) The number of hours of continuing education that an individual taking the course may receive for successful completion of the course;

(2) A designated course number that is provided on all certificates of course completion, all correspondence relating to the course, and on all forms filed with the Commissioner relating to the course;

(3) A designation of “Property/Casualty”, “Life/Health”, “Long Term Care”, or “Ethics”; and

(4) A course expiration date.