.09 Fees.

A. The fee schedule for copies of records is as follows:

(1) Copies. The fee for each copy is 20 cents per page if reproduction is made by a photocopying machine within the Administration. If records are not susceptible to photocopying (for example, punch cards, magnetic tape, blueprints, and microfilm), the fee for copies is based on the actual cost of reproduction.

(2) Diskettes. The fee for each reproduction made on compact disc or other type of diskette is $5.

(3) Minimum Fee Charged. Except as provided in §A(2) of this regulation, if the total amount of the fee is $5 or less, there is no charge.

B. If the official custodian is unable to copy a record within the Administration:

(1) The official custodian shall make arrangements for the reproduction of the record at facilities outside the Administration; and

(2) The custodian shall either collect from the applicant a fee to cover the actual cost of reproduction, or direct the applicant to pay the cost of reproduction directly to the facility making the copy.

C. Before copying a record, the official custodian shall estimate the cost of reproduction and either obtain the agreement of the applicant to pay the cost or demand prepayment of any estimated fee before reproducing the record.

D. Except as provided in §E of this regulation, the official custodian may charge reasonable fees for the search for, preparation of, and reproduction of a public record prepared, on request of the applicant, in customized format; and the actual costs of the search for, preparation, and reproduction of a public record in standard format, including media and mechanical processing costs. The staff and attorney review costs included in the calculation of such actual costs shall be prorated to reflect each individualís salary and actual time attributable to the search for and preparation of a public record under this section.

E. The official custodian may not charge any search or preparation fee for the first 2 hours of official or employee time that is needed to respond to a request for information.

F. Upon request, the official custodian may waive or reduce any fee charged pursuant to this regulation if the applicant asks for a waiver, is indigent, and files an affidavit of indigency; or, if after consideration of the ability of the applicant to pay the fee and other relevant factors, the official custodian determines that the waiver would be in the public interest.

G. If the applicant requests that copies be mailed or delivered to the applicant, the official custodian may charge the applicant for the cost of postage or delivery to the applicant.