.07 National Fire Protection Association 101 Life Safety Code.

The NFPA 101 Life Safety Code (2012 Edition) is incorporated by reference, except for the following amendments:

A. Amend Subsection 3.3.62 to add the following Paragraph: Bulkhead Door. A type of door assembly covering an opening in the ground providing direct access to a basement, the floor of which is not more than 8 feet below ground level. The door consists of a single rigid leaf or two overlapping rigid leaves or covers which need to be pushed or lifted upwards in order to be opened. A person, after opening the door, can walk up a series of steps to escape to the outside.

B. Amend Paragraph and Subparagraphs and to delete "more than 3, but".

C. Amend Paragraphs and to delete "four or more".

D. Amend Paragraphs and to replace "four" with "six".

E. Amend Subsection 4.5.8 and Paragraph to delete "for compliance with the provisions of this Code".

F. Amend Paragraph to delete "by the Code".

G. Amend Subsection 4.8.2 to add the following Paragraph: Emergency plans shall be maintained in a location approved by the AHJ.

H. Amend Subparagraph to replace "required" with "provided".

I. Amend subparagraph to replace "in Chapters 11 through 43" with "by the AHJ and Chapters 11 through 43".

J. Amend Subparagraph to delete "required to be".

K. Amend Subparagraph to delete "Required".

L. Amend Paragraph to replace "only" in the first sentence with ", but not be limited to,".

M. Amend Paragraph to add the following: This paragraph does not permit the omission of manual fire alarm boxes in accordance with other provisions of this Subsection unless specifically permitted by Chapters 11 through 43.

N. Amend Paragraph to add the following Subparagraph: For new ceiling installations, drop-out ceilings as referenced in NFPA 13, Subsection 8.15.14, shall be prohibited.

O. Amend Subsection 9.7.5 to delete "required by this Code".

P. Amend Paragraph to add "High-rise buildings do not include a structure or building used exclusively for open-air parking."

Q. Amend Paragraph to add "or other approved testing standard approved by the State Fire Marshal".

R. Amend Paragraphs and to add the following:

(1) Not less than two separate exits shall be provided on every story.

(2) Not less than two separate exits shall be accessible from every part of every story.

S. Amend Subsections 16.1.1 and 17.1.1 to add the following Paragraphs: and Day-care centers providing day care for school-age children before or after school hours in a building which is in use as a public or private school are not required to meet the provisions of this chapter, but shall meet the provisions for educational occupancies.

T. Amend Subparagraphs and to add the following item: (4) For windows at grade the minimum net clear opening shall be permitted to be 5.0 ft2.

U. Amend Sub-subparagraphs and to delete "more than three, but" and replace "seven" with "nine".

V. Amend Sub-subparagraphs and to replace "7" with "9".

W. Amend Subparagraphs and to replace "both" with "all" and Items (1) and (2) with the following Items:

(1) The minimum staff-to-client ratio shall be not less than one staff member for up to eight clients, including the caretaker's own children incapable of self-preservation.

(2) There shall be not more than four clients incapable of self-preservation, including the caretaker's own children incapable of self-preservation.

(3) A staff-to-client ratio of at least one staff member to every two clients incapable of self-preservation shall be maintained at all times.

(4) The staff-to-client ratio shall be permitted to be modified by the authority having jurisdiction where safeguards in addition to those specified in this section are provided.

X. Amend Paragraphs and and Subparagraphs and to add the following: Bulkhead doors may not serve as a primary means of escape.

Y. Amend Paragraphs (Reserved) and (Reserved) to add the following: SLIDING DOOR: For family day-care homes, a sliding door used as a required means of escape shall comply with the following conditions:

(1) The sliding door shall have not more than one, easily operated, locking device that does not require special knowledge, effort, or tools to operate;

(2) There may not be draperies, screens, or storm doors that could impede egress;

(3) The sill or track height may not exceed 1/2 inch above the interior finish floor;

(4) The surface onto which exit is made shall be an all weather surface such as a deck, patio, or sidewalk;

(5) The floor level outside the door may be one step lower than the inside, but not more than 8 inches lower;

(6) The sliding door shall open to a clear open width of at least 28 inches;

(7) Before day-care use each day, the sliding door shall be unlocked and tested to the full required width to be sure it is operating properly, and the door shall be nonbinding and slide easily; and

(8) During periods of snow or freezing rain, door tracks shall be cleared out and the door opened periodically throughout the day in order to ensure proper operation.

Z. Amend Paragraphs (Reserved) and (Reserved) to add the following:

SPECIAL MEANS OF ESCAPE REQUIREMENTS: For family day-care homes, deadbolt locks shall be provided with approved interior latches, or these locks shall be of a captured key design from which the key cannot be removed from the interior side of the lock when the lock is in the locked position.

AA. Amend Subsections 16.7.5 and 17.7.5 to add the following exception: Exception: Day-care homes with no more than three clients for overnight lodging.

BB. Amend Subparagraph to delete "existing".

CC. Amend Subparagraph to delete "or".

DD. Amend Subparagraphs and to replace "2 minutes" with "30 seconds".

EE. Amend Subparagraphs and to replace "2-minute" with "30-second".

FF. Delete Subparagraphs and

GG. Delete Paragraphs and

HH. Amend Subparagraph to delete "or".

II. Amend Paragraph to replace "three" with "five" and delete ", if any, accommodated in rented rooms".

JJ. Amend Subparagraphs,, and to insert ", or not less than 5.0 ft2 when at grade" after "5.7 ft2".

KK. Amend Paragraph to replace "buildings" with "buildings that do not qualify as one- and two-family dwellings".

LL. Amend Sub-subparagraph to delete " and".

MM. Delete Sub-subparagraph

NN. Amend Sub-subparagraph to add "where approved alternative visible means of occupant notification is provided".

OO. Amend Paragraph to replace "stories." with "stories, with no other openings therein."

PP. Amend Subparagraphs and to replace "Storage occupancies" with "Storage occupancies less than three stories".