.22 The Record.

A. The Office shall prepare an official case record of each hearing.

B. The record shall include:

(1) All pleadings, motions, responses, correspondence, memoranda, including proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, and requests filed by the parties;

(2) All hearing notices;

(3) All documentary and other tangible evidence received or considered;

(4) A statement of each fact officially noticed;

(5) All stipulations;

(6) All offers of proof and objections;

(7) All rulings, orders, and decisions, proposed or final;

(8) Matters placed on the record in connection with ex parte communication;

(9) The recording of the hearing, and any prehearing proceeding, and any transcript of the recording prepared by a court reporting service; and

(10) Any other item required by law.

C. All exhibits marked for identification, whether or not offered in evidence and, if offered, whether or not admitted, shall be retained for purposes of judicial review.