.19 Proceedings Open to the Public; Recording Devices.

A. Unless prohibited by law, all proceedings before the Office are open to the public.

B. Unless otherwise provided by law, documents, notices, and records in the possession of the Office as a result of a contested case proceeding may be inspected and copied as provided in General Provisions Article, §4-101 et seq., Annotated Code of Maryland, and in COMAR 28.01.04.

C. The ALJ may:

(1) Remove individuals whose conduct impedes the orderly progress of the remote or in-person hearing; and

(2) Restrict attendance because of physical or technical limitations of the remote or in-person hearing room.

D. Recording Devices. Unless expressly authorized by the presiding ALJ, the use of audio, video, or photographic recording devices by parties, their representatives, witnesses, or other persons in an Office proceeding is prohibited.