.16 Postponements.

A. Except as provided in §D of this regulation, a request for postponement shall be made in writing not fewer than 5 days before the scheduled hearing.

B. A postponement request shall be served on all parties and may be filed by:

(1) United States mail;

(2) Personal or courier delivery;

(3) Facsimile to (410) 229-4266; or

(4) Email to oah.postponements@maryland.gov.

C. A request for postponement shall be granted only if the party requesting the postponement establishes good cause for the postponement.

D. Emergency Request for Postponement.

(1) For purposes of this section, “emergency” means a sudden, unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate attention which arises within 5 days of the hearing.

(2) In an emergency, a request for postponement may be made by telephone to the Office and promptly supported by documentation of the reason for the request.

E. When practicable, all parties to a proceeding shall be contacted before a ruling on a postponement request is made.