.10 Service.

A. A copy of any pleading, motion, response, correspondence, or other paper filed in any proceeding shall be served promptly on all other parties to the proceeding by the party making the filing.

B. Unless otherwise required by law, service on other parties may be made:

(1) By United States mail;

(2) By personal or courier delivery;

(3) Electronically; or

(4) As otherwise agreed to by the parties.

C. Proof of Service.

(1) All other materials filed with the Office, and all correspondence with the Office, shall contain or be accompanied by a certificate of service.

(2) The certificate of service shall be signed and shall contain the:

(a) Date of service;

(b) Manner of service;

(c) Name of each person served; and

(d) Address at which each person was served.

D. Whenever a party has a right, or is required, to do some act within a prescribed period after notice to or service upon the party, and delivery of notice or service upon the party is made by United States mail, 3 days shall be added to the prescribed period.