.05 Notice.

A. Reasonable written notice of a hearing shall be provided to the parties.

B. A hearing notice provided by the Office shall contain:

(1) The nature of the hearing and the date, time, and physical address, remote URL location and meeting number, or telephone number;

(2) A statement of the right to present witnesses and documents, or other evidence, and the right to cross-examine any witness that another party calls under State Government Article, §10-213(f), Annotated Code of Maryland, if applicable;

(3) A statement of the right to request subpoenas for witnesses and evidence, and specifying the costs, if any, associated with the request;

(4) A statement that a copy of the hearing procedures is available on request, and specifying the costs, if any, associated with the request;

(5) A statement of any rights, restrictions, or requirements pertaining to representation;

(6) A statement that failure to appear for the scheduled hearing may result in an adverse action against that party; and

(7) A statement that, unless otherwise prohibited by law, the parties may agree to the evidence and may waive their right to appear at the hearing.

C. Method of Giving Notice.

(1) Except as otherwise required by law, a notice issued by the Office shall be sent to the parties by United States mail, by personal delivery, by courier delivery at their addresses on record with the Office, or, with the consent of the party, electronically.

(2) If notice is given by United States mail, the notice is effective at the end of the 5th day after its deposit in the mail.

(3) Proof that notice has been given may be made by the dated file copy in the case file.