.11 Maintenance.

A. Maintenance requirements established in this regulation shall be contained in all county and municipal ordinances and shall provide for inspection and maintenance. The owner shall perform or cause to be performed preventive maintenance of all completed ESD treatment practices and structural stormwater management measures to ensure proper functioning. The responsible agency of the county or municipality shall ensure preventive maintenance through inspection of all stormwater management systems. The inspection shall occur during the first year of operation and then at least once every 3 years after that.

B. Inspection reports shall be maintained by the county or municipality on all stormwater management systems and shall include the following:

(1) The date of inspection;

(2) Name of inspector;

(3) The condition of:

(a) Vegetation or filter media;

(b) Fences or other safety devices;

(c) Spillways, valves, or other control structures;

(d) Embankments, slopes, and safety benches;

(e) Reservoir or treatment areas;

(f) Inlet and outlet channels or structures;

(g) Underground drainage;

(h) Sediment and debris accumulation in storage and forebay areas;

(i) Any nonstructural practices to the extent practicable; and

(j) Any other item that could affect the proper function of the stormwater management system;

(4) Description of needed maintenance.

C. County and municipal ordinances shall provide procedures to ensure that deficiencies indicated by inspections are rectified. The procedures shall include the following:

(1) Notification to the owner of deficiency including a time frame for repairs;

(2) Subsequent inspection to ensure completion of repairs; and

(3) Effective enforcement procedures if repairs are not undertaken or are not done properly.