.07 Interjurisdictional Flood Hazard Watersheds.

A. The watersheds specified in this regulation are interjurisdictional in nature and have documented flood damages to residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional structures. Development in the interjurisdictional flood hazard watershed may not increase the downstream peak discharge for the 100-year frequency storm event. Additionally, development shall comply with flood management plans as approved by the Department in accordance with the Flood Hazard Management Act of 1976 (Environment Article, Title 5, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland). The following watersheds and all their tributaries are designated as interjurisdictional flood hazard watersheds:

(1) Carroll Creek in Frederick City and Frederick County;

(2) Gwynns Falls in Baltimore City and Baltimore County; and

(3) Jones Falls in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.

B. The Administration shall periodically review watersheds to be included as interjurisdictional flood hazard watersheds for the purposes of this chapter. Any additional interjurisdictional watershed to be designated will be considered with respect to the:

(1) Economic losses due to flood damages;

(2) Expected upstream development;

(3) Frequency of flooding;

(4) Number and value of structures flooded; and

(5) Threat to life.