.04 Applicability and Authority.

A. This chapter applies to the testing of drinking water from drinking water outlets in occupied public or nonpublic school buildings, except as noted in §B of this regulation.

B. This chapter does not apply to a public or nonpublic school if the school’s water system is classified as a public water system and is already subject to testing for lead under COMAR

C. Each school shall establish that it:

(1) Has a school-specific plan for testing prior to each sampling event;

(2) Has a plan for remedial action if an elevated level of lead is detected;

(3) Has identified a designated responsible person who will ensure that this regulation is followed; and

(4) Maintains records of sample dates and times, sample types, sample locations, types of outlets sampled, results of testing, waivers granted, and all actions taken.

D. The Department and MSDE employees may enter school buildings upon reasonable notice.