.07 Encapsulant Coating of Lead-Based Paint.

A. Application of an encapsulant coating used to meet risk reduction standards under Environment Article, §6-819(a)(2), Annotated Code of Maryland, shall conform to the standards of this regulation.

B. An encapsulant coating using fiberglass mats shall:

(1) Fully cover the surface which contains lead-based paint; and

(2) Be secured at all edges.

C. The use of encapsulant coating with any product which does not include a fiberglass mat may be approved by the Department on a case-by-case basis.

D. Continued Inspection and Maintenance Requirements.

(1) The owner shall conduct and document a visual inspection of each encapsulant coated surface within 1 year following the issuance of the certificate, and annually after that, to determine the presence of any defect in the encapsulant coating materials.

(2) The owner shall promptly repair any defect in the encapsulant coating materials which is reported to the owner or which is observed during the owner's inspection.