.01 Purpose, Scope, and Applicability.

A. These regulations establish standards for generators of special medical waste.

B. A generator who treats, stores, or disposes of special medical wastes on-site shall only comply with the following regulations of this chapter with regard to that waste:

(1) Regulation .02 of this chapter for determining whether or not the generator has special medical waste;

(2) Regulation .03 of this chapter for obtaining an identification number;

(3) Regulation .06A(2) and (3) of this chapter for record keeping;

(4) Regulation .06B of this chapter for additional reporting; and

(5) Applicable requirements of U.S. Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations, 49 CFR 171-----178, which are incorporated by reference.

C. An owner or operator who initiates a shipment of special medical waste from a treatment, storage, or disposal facility shall comply with the generator standards established in this chapter.