.16 Small Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste PCB-Containing Lamp Ballasts — Specific Management Standards.

A. A small quantity handler of universal waste shall manage universal waste PCB-containing lamp ballasts in a way that prevents release of any universal waste or any component of universal waste to the environment.

B. A small quantity handler of universal waste shall contain any PCB-containing lamp ballast that the handler is managing as universal waste in a container that is:

(1) Structurally sound;

(2) Adequate to prevent damage to the container's contents that could result in a release of hazardous constituents;

(3) Compatible with the contents of the PCB-containing lamp ballast;

(4) Kept closed, except when adding waste to, or removing waste from, the container; and

(5) Free of evidence of leakage, spillage, or damage that could cause leakage under reasonably foreseeable conditions.