.11 Small Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste — General Requirements.

A. Applicability. This regulation and Regulations .12—.18 of this chapter apply to small quantity handlers of universal waste, as defined in COMAR

B. Prohibitions. A small quantity handler of universal waste may not:

(1) Dispose of universal waste, unless the handler does so under authority of a hazardous waste disposal facility permit; or

(2) Dilute or treat universal waste, except:

(a) In responding to releases as provided in Regulation .17D of this chapter;

(b) As provided in Regulations .12—.16 of this chapter; or

(c) In accordance with a hazardous waste treatment facility permit.

C. Notification.

(1) Except as provided in §C(2) and (3) of this regulation, a small quantity handler of universal waste is not required to notify the Department or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of universal waste handling activities.

(2) A person who uses a device to crush universal waste lamps is subject to the notification requirement of Regulation .15B(3)(e) of this chapter.

(3) Persons Accepting Universal Waste from Off-site. Except for persons identified in §C(4) of this regulation, a small quantity handler of universal waste who accepts universal waste from off site shall:

(a) Send a written notification to the Department that contains the following information:

(i) The universal waste handler’s name and mailing address;

(ii) The name and business telephone number of the person at the universal waste handler’s site who should be contacted regarding universal waste management activities;

(iii) The address or location where universal wastes accepted from off site will be managed;

(iv) A list of all the types of universal waste that the handler will accept from off site, such as “batteries, pesticides, mercury-containing equipment, and lamps”; and

(v) A statement in the cover letter accompanying the notification that the notification should be directed to the group in the Department responsible for oversight of hazardous waste management; and

(b) Submit the notification required by §C(2)(a) of this regulation by the later of the following deadlines:

(i) Within 90 days after the effective date of this regulation; or

(ii) Before the date universal waste is first accepted from off site.

(4) The notification requirement of §C(3) of this regulation does not apply if either of the following conditions is met:

(a) The site where universal waste is accepted from off site has been issued an EPA identification number; or

(b) The amount of universal waste at the location that is accepting universal waste from off site never exceeds 500 kilograms.