.03 Recyclable Materials Utilized for Precious Metal Recovery.

A. This regulation applies to recyclable materials that are reclaimed to recover economically significant amounts of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium, or any combination of these.

B. Persons who generate, transport, or store recyclable materials regulated by this regulation are subject to the following requirements:

(1) Notification requirements under Section 3010 of RCRA;

(2) COMAR,, 26.13.04, and and C; and

(3) For precious metal imported or exported for recovery:

(a) COMAR and, if the precious metal is exported to or imported from designated OECD member countries, as defined in COMAR; and

(b) COMAR - .07-3, if the precious metal is exported to or imported from countries that are not designated OECD member countries as defined in COMAR

C. Persons who store recycled materials that are regulated under this regulation shall:

(1) Keep the following records to document that they are not accumulating these materials speculatively as defined in COMAR 26.13.02:

(a) Records showing the volume of these materials stored at the beginning of the calendar year,

(b) The amount of these materials generated or received during the calendar year, and

(c) The amounts of materials remaining at the end of the calendar year; and

(2) Comply with the storage requirements for generators found in COMAR 26.13.03.

D. Recyclable materials that are subject to this regulation that are accumulated speculatively, as defined in COMAR, are subject to all applicable provisions of COMAR 26.13.03 — 26.13.10.