.11 Innovative Products — CARB Exemption.

A. A manufacturer of a consumer product that has been granted an innovative product exemption by the CARB under the innovative products provisions in Subchapter 8.5, Article 2, Section 94511, or Subchapter 8.5, Article 1, Section 94503.5 of Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations is exempt from the standards in Regulation .04B of this chapter for as long as the CARB innovative products exemption remains in effect and all consumer products within the CARB innovative products exemption are contained in Regulation .04B of this chapter.

B. A manufacturer that has a CARB innovative product exemption shall submit to the Department a copy of the CARB innovative product exemption decision (that is, the Executive Order), including all conditions established by CARB applicable to the exemption.