.05-1 Requirements for Flammable and Extremely Flammable Multi-Purpose Solvent and Paint Thinner.

Effective January 1, 2018, no person shall sell, supply, offer for sale, or manufacture for use in the State any “flammable” or “extremely flammable” multi-purpose solvent or paint thinner named, on the principal display panel as paint thinner, multi-purpose solvent, clean-up solvent, or paint clean-up unless the product:

A. Contains less than 1 percent by weight aromatic compound;

B. Contains methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, or trichloroethylene in a combined amount equal to or less than 0.01 percent by weight; and

C. Includes an attached hang tag, sticker, or contrasting square or rectangular area on the principal display panel that displays:

(1) At a minimum, the following statements or information in font size as large as, or larger than, the signal word, DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION (not including the font size used for the company name, brand name or logo), as specified in 16 CFR §1500.121;

(2) That the product is “formulated to meet California VOC limits; see warnings on label”; or

(3) The common name of the chemical compound, in large font, that results in the product meeting the criteria for flammable or extremely flammable, such as acetone or methyl acetate.