.04 Standards — General.

A. Except as provided in Regulations .01, .04D, .08, .09, .10, .11, .12, .15, and .17—.26 of this chapter, a person may not sell, supply, offer for sale, or manufacture for sale in the State a consumer product manufactured on or after the effective date in §B of this regulation that contains volatile organic compounds (VOC) in excess of the limits specified in §B of this regulation.

B. VOC limits, expressed as percent volatile organic compounds by weight, except as otherwise indicated are as follows:

Table 1.VOC Standards.
Product Category VOC Limits
VOC Limits
Adhesive Removers:
Floor or Wall Covering 5
Gasket or Thread Locking 50
  General Purpose 20
  Specialty 70
  Aerosol Mist Spray 65
Aerosol Web Spray 55
Special Purpose Spray Adhesives:
Mounting, Automotive Engine Compartment, and Flexible Vinyl 70
Polystyrene Foam and Automotive Headliner 65
Polylolefin and Laminate Repair/Edge Banding 60
Construction, Panel, and Floor 15
Contact 80 NA
Contact General Purpose 55
Contact Special Purpose 80
General Purpose 10
  Structural Waterproof` 15
Air Fresheners:
Single-Phase Aerosols 30
Double-Phase Aerosols 25
Liquids/Pump Sprays 18
  Solids/Semisolids 3
  Aerosol 40HVOC
Non-Aerosol 0HVOC
Anti-Static Product, Non-Aerosol


Automotive Brake Cleaners 45
Automotive Rubbing or Polishing Compound 17
Automotive Wax, Polish, Sealant or Glaze:
Hard Paste Waxes 45
Instant Detailers 3
All Other Forms 15
Automotive Windshield Washer Fluids 35
Bathroom and Tile Cleaners:
Aerosols 7
All Other Forms 5
Bug and Tar Remover 40
Carburetor or Fuel-Injection Air Intake Cleaners 45
Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners:
Aerosols 7
Non-Aerosols (Dilutables) 0.1
Non-Aerosols (Ready-to-Use) 3.0
Charcoal Lighter Material Regulation .05
of this chapter
Cooking Sprays, Aerosols 18
Aerosol 0HVOC
Non-Aerosol 0HVOC
Dusting Aids:
Aerosols 25
All Other Forms 7
Electrical Cleaner 45
Electronic Cleaner 75
Engine Degreasers:
Aerosol 35
Non-Aerosol 5
Fabric Protectants 60
Fabric Refresher:
Aerosol 15
Non-Aerosol 6
Floor Polishes/Waxes:
Products for Flexible Flooring Materials 7
Products for Nonresilient Flooring 10
Wood Floor Wax 90
Floor Wax Strippers, Non-Aerosol Regulation .07
of this chapter
Footwear or Leather Care Products
Aerosol 75
Solid 55
Other forms 15
Furniture Maintenance Products:
  Aerosols 17
All Other Forms Except Solid or Paste 7
General Purpose Cleaners:
Aerosols 10
  Non-Aerosols 4
General Purpose Degreasers:
  Aerosols 50
  Non-Aerosols 4
Glass Cleaners:
  Aerosols 12
  Non-Aerosols 4
Graffiti Remover:
  Aerosol 50
Non-Aerosol 30
Hair Mousses 6
Hairshines 55
Hairsprays 55
Hair Styling Gels 6
Hair Styling Products:
Aerosol and pump sprays 6
  All other forms 2
Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner or Soap 8
Crawling Bug (Aerosol) 15
Crawling Bug (All other forms) 20
Flea and Tick 25
Flying Bug (Aerosol) 25
Flying Bug (All other forms) 35
Foggers 45
Lawn and Garden (All other forms) 20
Lawn and Garden (Non-Aerosol) 3
  Wasp and Hornet 40
Laundry Prewash:
Aerosols/Solids 22
All Other Forms 5
Laundry Starch Products 5
Metal Polishes/Cleansers 30
Multi-Purpose Lubricant (Excluding Solid or Semi-Solid Products) 50
Nail Polish Remover 75
Non-Selective Terrestrial Herbicide
Non-Aerosols 3
Oven Cleaners:
Aerosols/Pump Sprays 8
Liquids 5
Paint Remover or Strippers 50
Penetrants 50
Rubber and Vinyl Protectants:
Non-Aerosols 3
Aerosols 10
Sealants and Caulking Compounds 4
Shaving Creams 5
Shaving Gel


Silicone-Based Multi-Purpose Lubricants (Excluding Solid or Semi-Solid Products) 60
Spot Removers:
  Aerosols 25
  Non-Aerosols 8
Tire Sealants and Inflators 20
Toilet/Urinal Care:
  Aerosol 10
  Non-Aerosol 3
Undercoatings, Aerosols


Wood Cleaner:
  Aerosol 17
  Non-Aerosol 4

NA = Not applicable after January 1, 2009

B-1. A person may not sell, supply, offer for sale, or manufacture for sale in the State any antiperspirant or deodorant which contains any compound that has been identified by the CARB in Title 17, California Code of Regulations, Division 3, Chapter 1, Subchapter 7, Section 93000 as a toxic air contaminant.

C. Products that are Diluted Before Use.

(1) Products Diluted with Water or Non-VOC Solvent.

(a) For consumer products for which the label, packaging, or accompanying literature specifically states that the product should be diluted with water or non-VOC solvent before use, the limits specified in §B of this regulation apply to the product only after the minimum recommended dilution has taken place.

(b) For purposes of this subsection, "minimum recommended dilution" does not include recommendations for incidental use of a concentrated product to deal with limited special applications such as hard-to-remove soils or stains.

(2) Products Diluted with VOC Solvent. For consumer products for which the label, packaging, or accompanying literature states that the product should be diluted with a VOC solvent before use, the limits specified in §B of this regulation apply to the product only after the maximum recommended dilution has taken place.

D. Products Registered under Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). For a consumer product that is registered under the FIFRA (U.S.C. §§136-136y), the effective date of the VOC standards is 1 year after the date specified in §B of this regulation.

E. Products containing Ozone-Depleting Compounds. For a consumer product for which standards are specified under §B of this regulation, a person may not cause a violation of the requirements of 40 CFR Part 82.

F. Sell-Through of Products.

(1) Sell-Through Period. Notwithstanding the provisions of §B of this regulation and Regulation .06 , .07, .08, .09, or .10 of this chapter, a consumer product manufactured prior to each of the effective dates specified for that product in Table 1 of §B of this regulation may be sold, supplied, or offered for sale after each of the specified effective dates.

(2) Section F(1) of this regulation does not apply to:

(a) Any consumer product that does not display on the product container or package the date on which the product was manufactured, or a code indicating such date, in accordance with Regulation .13A of this chapter; or

(b) Solid air fresheners and toilet or urinal care products that contain paradichlorobenzene, which are subject to the 1-year sell-through period specified in Regulation .10 of this chapter.