.07 Control of Emissions from Any Other Asbestos Project.

A. Any Asbestos Project That Is Not a NESHAP Source. A person engaged in any other asbestos project not subject to Regulation .06 shall take reasonable precautions to prevent asbestos from becoming airborne, including:

(1) Removing all friable asbestos before any demolition project;

(2) Wetting any asbestos (except asbestos to be encapsulated) as described in Regulation .06B(2) of this chapter;

(3) Isolating and containing asbestos that is to be removed or encapsulated;

(4) Using other appropriate work practices to minimize the dispersal of particulate asbestos;

(5) Leaving no visible residue of asbestos after completing the project; and

(6) Posting "Danger" signs at entrances where asbestos is to be removed.

B. Exemptions. The Department may, on a case-by-case basis, approve an alternative procedure for control of emissions from an asbestos project provided that the person submits a written description of the alternative procedure to the Department and demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Department that compliance with the prescribed procedures is not practical or not feasible, or that the proposed alternative procedure provides equivalent control of asbestos. The Department, following its review, may approve an alternative procedure if it determines that it will minimize the emissions of asbestos into the air. The Department shall respond to a written request within 10 working days of receipt of the request.