.01 Definitions.

A. "Asbestos project" means any activity involving the demolition, renovation, or encapsulation of friable asbestos materials.

B. "Business entity" means a partnership, firm, association, corporation, sole proprietorship, or other business concern.

C. "Demolition" means the wrecking or taking out of any load-supporting structural member and any related removing or stripping of friable asbestos materials.

D. "Encapsulate" means to coat, bind, or resurface walls, ceilings, pipes, or other structures to prevent friable asbestos from becoming airborne.

E. "Friable asbestos material" means any material that contains more than 1 percent asbestos by weight and that can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder, when dry, by hand pressure.

F. "License" means any authorization issued by the Department to encapsulate or remove asbestos.

G. "Maryland Air Management Administration" means that unit of the Department of the Environment responsible for the implementation and enforcement of the State air quality control regulations.

H. "Negative pressure system" means equipment that ensures that the static pressure in an enclosed work area is lower than that of the environment outside the containment barriers.

I. "Operations and maintenance (O and M)" means the removal, encapsulation, or disturbance of friable asbestos-containing materials when the amount of material is less than 10 square feet or 20 linear feet and is associated with small repairs or maintenance.

J. "Person", as defined in Environment Article, §§1-101 and 2-101, Annotated Code of Maryland, includes any business entity or public unit.

K. "Public unit" means:

(1) Any agency, bureau, department, or instrumentality of State government that is not subject to Executive Order 01.01.1987.22;

(2) Any agency, bureau, department, or instrumentality of federal or local government;

(3) Educational institutions that are not subject to Executive Order 01.01.1987.22; and

(4) Any public, quasi-public, or municipal corporation.

L. "Renovation" means the removal or stripping of friable asbestos materials used on any pipe, duct, boiler, tank, reactor, turbine, furnace, or structural member. Operations in which load-supporting structural members are wrecked or taken out are excluded.

M. "Structural member" means any load-supporting member, such as beams and load-supporting walls, or any nonsupporting member, such as ceilings and nonload-supporting walls.

N. "Supervisor" means an individual responsible for:

(1) Asbestos abatement project planning, oversight, or contracting; or

(2) Directing the work of others involved in asbestos abatement work.

O. "Three stage decontamination station" means a series of three enclosures consisting of a:

(1) Clean room;

(2) Shower room; and

(3) Contaminated room for removal of disposable clothing and storage of contaminated equipment.

P. "Worker" means an individual actually involved in the removal or encapsulation of friable asbestos material and who will come into contact with friable asbestos.