.05 Information on Emission Reductions and Certification.

A. A person who creates an emission reduction for use as an ERC shall submit the following information to the Department:

(1) A description of the equipment or process that resulted in a reduction in actual emissions, including any air pollution control devices serving that equipment or process;

(2) The actual emissions occurring when the equipment or process operated in compliance with all applicable requirements during the selected 24-month period;

(3) Identification of all regulations or other requirements that apply to the equipment or process and a demonstration of compliance with those requirements;

(4) Identification of the method used to reduce actual emissions and calculations showing the emission reductions achieved; and

(5) The date or dates on which the reduction in emissions occurred.

B. ERCs may not be used until they are certified.

C. ERCs shall be certified as follows:

(1) Information on emission reductions submitted by the person who owns or operates the emissions units creating the ERCs shall be verified by the Department based on review of information in the Department's files including the source's emission certification reports, stack tests, inspection reports, and other information relating to emissions and compliance with applicable requirements;

(2) A site inspection may be made to verify the shutdown or other method used to create the ERCs.